Round Trip Email Monitoring provides you with the peace of mind to know your email is working.

If your email stops working, we let you know, it's that simple.


How it Works

  1. We send you a serialized email
  2. Your email server is configured to auto-respond to that email
  3. We track how long the serialized email takes to get back to us
  4. If the message is too slow returning, or never returns at all, we let you know
  5. We store all the data in the process so you can go back and look at your historical data

Pricing is simple

per Email Address
per Month

Includes a 100% satisfaction
guaranteed 7 day FREE trial!


Alerts can be sent to your mobile device via SMS or to an alternate email address.

Beyond simple alerting, we provide up to a full year of historical reporting so you can see when email was working, when it wasn't, and how fast messages were processing.